Friday, February 8, 2013

Check List Highs and Lows

   I am sitting on my sofa with a pile of used tissues, a cup of coffee, and and two old smudged glasses of water sitting beside my laptop....I am sick. It is raining outside and I've got  Kelly and Michael on the TV. Oh! there is Joe Flacco!....let me pause..... OK... I'm back.... I swore that this year I would do better with posting our  Blog. I meant it too...but somehow as it always does January got away from us. February is well on its way and I am starting to feel the nudge of the stress that aways plagues us when we are caught chasing our goals from behind! I have made list upon list.  That is something!  I obsessively go to my reminder checklist, and just like the last time, there is a very long one awaiting my attention! But in all fairness, if I go to the list of things checked off, it is pretty impressive too!
   Shawnette and I went to the Atlanta Gift market in January...That was when she was sick. I am sure it is all just a miserable blur to her.... as I dragged her sniffling and coughing through the multitude of showrooms asking her opinions on endless small Santa accouterments....only to be answered by a pitiful blank stare! She was a champ!  Now that I have her ailment I know it was all in the Karma.
   We have been agonizing over fabrics for our new 2013 Ltd Edition Santa...and fortunately... or not... we find ourselves in the position of liking too many of our initial choices.  I am staring at them everyday trying to make the final cuts!  I think it is going to come down to Eeny Meeny Miny Moe! Really!!!
   We had some great sales appointments in January! We are already filling wholesale orders for 2013! How Great is that! Feel the accomplishment! Now feel the stress! Blow my nose...look at the list again....lay back down. I finished the blog! Now I can check it off the list.
   As I check it off... feel the accomplishment!.... the next empty check box I see is Taxes! Ughhhh....feel the stress!