Sunday, July 8, 2012

Studies, Politics and Polls

Are you as tired and frustrated as I am with "our culture" of truths based on lies and lies told as truth? Do you have any faith left that anything you read in print or hear thru the media has been properly invesitgated and sourced or has any any merit? If I hear one more study result that refutes the same study done last week only to be replaced by another study that dismisses the other two altogether I think I will scream! If one more political add touts the evils of the other candidate only to be followed by the other candidate quoting the same propaganda but drawing 180 degree different conclusions about the evils of the previous candidate....I am screaming!

And what about  politics in this great USA?! For the love of God and Country how can we have any respect for the two political parties in this country when they operate with such rage and malice toward each other and with no obvious regard for the truth! Are we doomed? Where can we go to pursue  our own personal truth! Studies? Politicians? Media? ...

OMG what am I thinking.... The truth or should I say the lack thereof HURTS! We must not let our major media outlets, politicians and the insane privately funded studies and polls work their divisive mojo on us... Their truths are as false and toxic as malicious gossip. Truth without malice is out there somewhere .... we just have to turn off the TV, tune out the talking heads and studies, and start using our own intellect and common sense to reconnect with it!  We will inevitably find different answers...we are human...and we can have different perspectives and remain civil.

 Above all we should seek information that is  unbiased, learn to listen as much as we speak and treat differing opinions with respect... After all this country was built on the fundamental right of each of us to have and express each our own opinions and truths without shame or fear of reprisal... as long as they have not been formed bought and paid for by someone else!

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