Monday, July 16, 2012

Why can't I just stay home and bake cookies?!!

I am having one of those days... fighting a chest cold...and feeling overwhelmed by the many unfinished tasks laying around my house in messy piles, and the zillions of scribbled notes on unofficial pieces of paper... demanding my immediate attention. These do not even begin to address the many still unformed ideas cycloning through my brain fighting to get through to a final audition!

Our armies of unfinished Santas stand at attention on and around my dining room table which is really no longer a dining room at all. They stare at me accusingly... begging to be finished, numbered, tagged and boxed for their final journeys to new homes. I speak to them every morning and promise them that their time is close. They tell me to remember that there are hundreds more that have yet to be started!

Shawnette has the same scenario at her house and is feeling as overwhelmed as I do!! So now is the time for action right?? Now is the time for the tough to get going! Yes it is! But first I must take this moment to feel a little sorry for the mess I have allowed to form around the edges of every room in my house... and fantasize about winning the lottery and being able to pay someone else to clean up and organize my messes!... and continue the fantasy that the toughest decision I might have to make today is what to fix for dinner tonight and what kind of cookies I might like to bake... and what exotic vacation I need to plan for next year...and...and...

My phone is ringing now... that double distinctive ring that tells me that Chesapeake Bay Christmas beckons. I must say that I still feel a surge of adrenaline every time I hear that ring... because CBCC is the result of a 17 year labor of love. It has been... a labor of love... like raising a child. We can be overwhelmed and we sometimes lose the forest for the trees... but we are so thankful for our families and this little business that has slowly grown and blossomed and is now like a teenager, somewhat independent but needing us more than ever to escort it into full maturity!

The cookies will have to wait... maybe I will tackle that pile on my kitchen table first! Maybe not... the Santas are calling my name... I'm coming... let me plug in the glue gun first! Oh yeah...I have to answer the phone!!!

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Lynn McPherson

Bringing the Chesapeake into your home and Holidays!

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