Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chesapeake Bay Christmas Co and our Great Big Gypsy Summers!!

    Since the 2008 recession The Chesapeake Bay Christmas Co, like so many small (micro) businesses, has had to adjust to the marketplace by working harder to keep our revenue stream from declining. As a seasonal business we have always worked all year designing and producing our product line and then in September of each year we would start our Holiday selling season with vigor and pull in 85% of our revenue in the months of November and December
     Not anymore! Chesapeake Bay Christmas now hits the road in April and does the Northern Neck Farmers Market circuit along with several other wine festivals and holiday markets...every weekend rain or shine, heat or wind, in sickness or in health...we are there!! Shawnette and I have become Gypsys with our own traveling road show. We can put up a tent in mere minutes and turn it into a cute coastal gift shop within an hour! We do our farmers market selling for four hours and then we pack it all up and load it back in the SUV ready to do it all over again in a few days! We have good days and not so good... But most of them are remembered by whatever weather element mother Nature decides to put in our path. Wind and rain give us our biggest challenges closely followed by excessive heat and humidity! But we are usually up to the challenge! Shawnette is an expert at staking, bungeeing, tarping and tucking while I am good at always expecting the worse....and being very grateful when it does not actually happen.

     We have survived 40 mph winds, 105 degree heat, out of control children, out of control dogs, and weather so cold you cannot feel your hands and feet! But the key is to survive the worst...and then we so appreciate those perfect days we are also blessed with! We always love our face to face time with our wonderful and loyal customers! They are what keep us going week after week...traveling hither and yon.., tent up...tent down, Santas out... Santas in, packing and unpacking, sore backs, sunburn, and smiles....lots of smiles and lots of laughter! We love it .... and we hate it... Like all things in life the good and the not as good... but always a challenge to meet, and a stranger to become a customer, and a customer to become a friend. Maybe we could become our own reality show!! Chesapeake Bay Christmas Co...a Big Beautiful Gypsy Business!

    Once again thank you to all of our customers that we meet out in the fields, streets and parking lots. We love you for loving what we do! We are so lucky to be in such an awesome business and we know it! Check out where we will be from now until Christmas on our calendar at

Ouch... My sore back!

Lynn McPherson

Bringing the Chesapeake into your Home and Holidays!

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